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Can Disposable Diapers Cause an Allergic Reaction at a Baby’s Waist?

During diaper changes, parents may discover rashes, irritation or blisters along a baby’s waist. Finding and eliminating the cause of these problems may provide relief for your little one, though in some cases allergic reactions may have multiple causes.

Ask your child’s pediatrician if disposable diapers may be causing your baby to have a reaction.


Disposable Diapers Cause

Disposable Diapers and Rashes

Babies may experience rashes along the waist due to an allergy, according to Dr. William Sears. Fragrances or dyes used in some diapers may be irritating to your baby.

If you believe that your baby’s diaper is responsible, try switching to a different brand of disposable diaper. If symptoms continue, switching to cloth diapers or looking for other possible causes of irritation may be necessary.


Causes of Rashes

Diaper rash is one of the most common causes of rash along the diaper area, including a baby’s waist. Infrequent diaper changes and diapers that are too tight may contribute to diaper rash, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Cleaning your baby regularly and allowing your baby’s diaper area to air dry before putting on another diaper may help. Eczema is a skin condition that can result in red, itchy scales, even along the waist.

Another condition, candidiasis, may cause an itching, burning rash near the navel, according to Boston Children’s Hospital.


Treatment for Rashes

If your baby has a reaction near the waist, take her to her pediatrician for an evaluation. This can save time and bring faster relief to your infant, as she is more likely to receive the proper treatment. Diaper-rash creams and petroleum jelly may provide relief for diaper rash while it heals.

If your baby has eczema, frequent lukewarm baths, avoiding allergy triggers that cause outbreaks and frequent application of lotions may improve symptoms, according to the AAP. A doctor may also prescribe medications.

If your child has candidiasis in the diaper area, oral anti-yeast medications may be prescribed, according to Boston Children’s Hospital.


Additional Help

Some children may not respond to treatment for eczema, candidiasis or diaper rash. If symptoms continue, schedule another appointment with your baby’s pediatrician. Your baby may be suffering from another condition.


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Can Disposable Diapers Cause an Allergic Reaction at a Baby's Waist


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