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Boxer Health Guide

In addition to its sweet disposition, the Boxer is an easy dog to own. For instance, the Boxer has short, smooth hair, sheds little, is a loving, and gentle dog, and relatively easy to train. If cared for properly, the Boxer can live a long, healthy life but this breed does have several health problems to consider.

Therefore, we wanted to address the few challenges that you might face with this breed.

Boxer Health Guide


Boxer Health Guide

While you will find a number of white Boxers, you need to understand that if the white flashing on the body covers more than 25% of the body, you could be setting yourself up for problems. For instance, it is estimated that up to 18% of all dogs having more than 25% white on the body are deaf in one or both ears. While a white Boxer makes a great companion dog and is allowed to compete in agility and obedience events, it is not to be used for breeding or show.

Some of the more common problems include a heart condition known as aortic stenosis, hip dysplasia, bloat, hypothyroidism, digestive problems, and both malignant and benign cancerous tumors. The good news is that with aortic Stenosis, the occurrences are rare. For hip dysplasia, the ball and joint of the hip becomes lose, which causes pain and inflammation. Your veterinarian can prescribe a number of medications that help.


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Then for the thyroid disease, it can usually be controlled quite well with proper medication. Bloat however is another story. This life-threatening disease is common among all deep-chest dogs such as the Boxer. Typically, if you feed your dog high quality dry food twice a day and avoid all table food, you should not have much trouble.

Bloat occurs when the dog eats or drinks too quickly, which traps gas. By feeding the dog twice a day, you avoid it gulping down food. Additionally, you want to watch drinking habits, making sure it always has plenty of water and drinks slowly.

Although there are a few health risks associated with the Boxer, most are manageable. When you weigh the pros and cons of this particular breed, the good comes out on top. Being such a trustworthy and faithful dog, you cannot go wrong buying a Boxer. Again, buy from a reputable breeder, never a pet store or inexperienced “backyard breeder”.


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