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Boxer : 10 Most Common Questions

If you were looking for a great family pet, one that is intelligent and protective, but also gentle and loving, the Boxer would make an excellent choice. This breed has been around since the 19th century and over the years, has proven to be an amazing companion dog, as well as for show.

Unfortunately, with so much controversy relating to the Pitt Bull, some people confuse the Boxer, thinking it too is aggressive and mean, which is not the case at all. To help you understand this breed better, we have provided some answers to commonly asked questions.

Boxer Questions


1. Someone told me that the Boxer has problems associated with being deaf – is this true?

Boxers are permitted to have some flashing, which is white coloring on the face, neck, tummy, and paws. The amount of flashing should never be more than 25% of the total body. Studies show that Boxers with more than 25% of flashing are in fact prone to lacking pigmentation within the inner ear. Therefore, approximately 18% of all white Boxers are deaf in one or both ears.


2. Can white Boxers be shown in the ring?

Sadly, many breeders used to euthanize white Boxers because of the higher risk of health problems and the disqualification of show. Today, if a breeder ends up with a white Boxer, they typically have the dog spayed or neutered and then place it in a loving home. For show, white Boxers are prohibited, in addition to breeding. However, a white Boxer is allowed to compete in events pertaining to agility and obedience.


3. Does the Boxer make a good service and/or therapy dog?

Yes, this breed is exceptional with people, very loving, patient, and gentle. For this reason, dogs not used for show or breeding have been specially trained as deaf or sight-impaired service dogs, as well as therapy dogs for hospitals and nursing homes.


4. I know the Boxer is great as a companion dog but how is it with children, especially smaller children?

This even-tempered dog is amazing with children, even young ones. Being so good-natured, the Boxer easily tolerates children laying on it, prodding, playing, and so on. Of course, early socialization and obedience training of the puppy are important, as is teaching children how to treat dogs with respect.


5. What are the various uses for the Boxer breed?

In addition to the show ring, breeding, and being a family pet, the Boxer is also great as a guard dog, as well as working various agility events. Today, we also see the Boxer working as service dogs, therapy dogs, military dogs, and law enforcement dogs.


6. Is the Boxer a fighting breed?

When the Boxer was first created back in the 19th century, it was used for fighting. However, as the breed was modified, it became smaller and gentle. The Boxer is protective over its family and tends to be suspicious of strangers but this is not an aggressive breed of dog.


7. How popular is the Boxer?

Current statistics from the American Kennel Club show the Boxer is rated as the seventh most popular breed in the United States. Considering there are close to 38,000 new Boxer registrations with this organization each year, that says a lot.


8. What is some of the history behind the Boxer?

This particular dog was the result of various breeds to include the Bull Mastiff, all that have lineage to the Molossus. First developed in Germany, the Boxer soon became popular in Europe and the United States by the end of the 19th century. Originally used for fighting boars and bull baiting, the Boxer is now a highly intelligent and gentle breed.


9. When was the Boxer accepted into the American Kennel Club?

Although the Boxer was first registered in 1904, it was not until 1940 when the AKC took interest.


10. What are the downfalls to a Boxer?

To be honest, none really, although you need to remember that buying this breed from a reputable breeder, coupled with early socialization and obedience training is what will provide you with a wonderful, loving pet.


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