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Boston Terrier Health Guide

The Boston Terrier is a smart-looking dog, bred originally for fighting. However, over the years this particular breed was bred down to a companion dog, which is what makes it such a popular choice. The Boston Terrier is a loving, funny, smart, and highly devoted dog.

With proper food, groom, and healthcare, this breed could live upwards to 15 years although 12 to 13 years is considered the norm.

Boston Terrier Health Guide


Boston Terrier Health Guide

The one thing you want to keep in mind when buying the Boston Terrier is that it has a short muzzle and elongated palate. Because of this, you will notice the dog making a strange sound when excited, which is known as a reverse sneeze. This noise is caused by debris or air becoming stuck under the palate, which then limits breathing and/or irritates the throat. While it might sound as if something were wrong, reverse sneezing is actually not harmful. Simply petting and talking calmly to the dog should be enough to help it relax.

You will also find that the short muzzle of the Boston Terrier means this breed is prone to snoring and snorting sounds. While reverse sneezing is not dangerous, this condition could be serious. For instance, you may find that the dog is having difficulty breathing in which case your veterinarian may decide to perform surgery to correct the defect. Of course, there are always risks of surgery as well so you would need to work with a qualified veterinarian in making this type of decision.

Then, the Boston Terrier does not do well in climates of high humidity or excessive heat. Again, the problem is directly related to the short muzzle. For this reason, you always want to keep this dog inside, especially in the summertime. Additionally, if you plan playtime, exercise, or training outside in the hotter months, just pay attention to the demands on the dog and keep the time limited.

Finally, you will notice that the Boston Terrier has large, protruding eyes. Because of this, it is also prone to various forms of eye disease. In fact, more than 20 such conditions are currently known. For instance, the major problem is associated with cataracts, which can occur in young and old age. Corneal ulcers are another common problem associated with the eyes.

To protect your Boston Terrier, we strongly recommend you keep it out of bright sunlight, keep the face and eye area washed off each day with a damp cloth, and do not allow this breed to put its head out a car window in that the pressure can be damaging. If you notice anything unusual, have the dog checked by a veterinarian.


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