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Boston Terrier : 10 Most Common Questions

The Boston Terrier is an adorable and stately looking breed that makes an excellent companion dog. This breed is easy to raise, simply needing lots of love and affection. Because being so smart, the Boston Terrier makes a great family pet for people with or without children and/or other pets. If you were looking for a new pet, then you cannot go wrong with a Boston Terrier.

To help you understand this breed easier, we have pulled some top information together for you.

Boston Terrier Questions


1. I’m interested in showing my Boston Terrier – what things would disqualify him from competing?

While there are not too many things that could disqualify this breed, some factors would apply. For instance, if the dog has blue eyes or any trace of blue this would be a disqualifying factor. Additionally, a Dudley nose, docked tail, or solid black, brindle, or seal without the appropriate markings would also be frowned upon. Finally, a liver or gray Boston Terrier would not be able to show.


2. I was told that the Boston Terrier was bred to fight – is this true?

This breed was in fact originally used for fighting but over the years, the breed was crossbred with a White English Terrier, Old English Toy Bulldog, and just a little French Bulldog, which produced the Boston Terrier we know today, a loving and devoted companion pet.


3. What is the true temperament of this breed?

The Boston Terrier is a gentle, loving breed that has a reputation of being an American Gentleman. Known as a gentle breed, this dog has a distinguished appearance with beautiful color and markings.


4. Is the Boston Terrier aggressive or at least a good watchdog?

Although this breed is great with children and other animals, it is also highly alert. Because of the devotion to family, the Boston Terrier makes a great watchdog. Although not aggressive, the dog will alert you to unwanted strangers or visitors.


5. Does the Boston Terrier have a comical personality?

Absolutely – in fact, most owners of this breed say they are constantly laughing at the various antics performed. You will find this dog loves to burrow down into blankets and are great for being the family entertainment.


6. Does the Boston Terrier require a lot of exercise?

One of the benefits to owning this breed is that it does not need tons of exercise. In fact, because of the dog’s short muzzle, you want to take care not to over-exercise it. Therefore, about 20 minutes of moderate walking, playing, or training would suffice.


7. How long will the Boston Terrier live?

With proper care, this particular breed can live between 12 and 15 years. Just remember that the short muzzle can create a few problems. For instance, while a noise called reverse sneezing is not harmful, this breed is prone to some breathing problems that can be dangerous. Therefore, with good care and moderate exercise, the breed will make a wonderful family pet for up to 15 years.


8. What type of owner is best for the Boston Terrier?

The Boston Terrier fits in beautifully with any type of family. The only real key is a home that can provide this breed with lots of love and attention. Because this breed does well with a single person, a large family with children, or any type of pet, you could place it literally anywhere.


9. How large does the Boston Terrier become?

This breed is usually somewhere around 15 pounds. However, you will find some dogs as small as 10 pounds and some as large as 25 pounds. Just remember when choosing a Boston Terrier that the length of the dog’s leg must balance with the body’s length, which is what creates the distinct square appearance.


10. Is the Boston Terrier difficult to groom?

No which is why it is such a popular choice, along with temperament. This particular breed only needs to be brushed about three times a week and given a bath about every two weeks. Because the Boston Terrier sheds very little, it is a wonderful option for people with allergies or respiratory problems.


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