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Bone Cancer Cures

Bone cancer fixes rely upon the malignant growth’s sort, size and area. To cure bone cancer, doctors may recommend surgery, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or alternative procedures.

However, if the cancer originated outside the bones, in the breast or liver for example, then complete recovery will require additional treatments.

Bone Cancer Cures



To treat bone cancer, doctors may begin with an excision, which removes a cancerous tumor and some of the surrounding muscle and bone. This safety margin guards against recurrence, but it also leaves behind a hole. Repairing the hole requires reconstructive surgery or joint replacement.

In some cases, the cancer cannot be cured, and if so, then palliative surgery may be in order. Palliative surgery can reduce the severity of the cancer and treat its symptoms.



After a cancerous tumor is removed, patients may undergo cryosurgery. In cryosurgery, doctors coat the tumor cavity with liquid nitrogen, which freezes and kills cancer cells left behind by the tumor removal. Cement, bone grafts or rods and screws will be used to reinforce the bone to prevent fractures.



Chemotherapy treats cancer with chemicals. Doctors may recommend chemotherapy before or after surgery. Before a surgery, the chemicals can decrease the tumor’s size and facilitate removal. After a surgery, the chemicals can kill off remaining cancer cells.

Chemotherapy’s side effects range from pain to impotence. A patient may opt for “fractured doses” of chemotherapy. The patient is given smaller doses over a longer period of time. This method can reduce unpleasant side effects.


Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy complements surgery and chemotherapy. In radiation therapy, doctors direct an ionizing beam into the bone cancer, which damages the cancer cells’ DNA and stops their growth. Types of radiation therapy include intensity modulated radiation therapy, or IMRT. IMRT allows doctors to administer a specific dose of radiation without damaging the surrounding tissues.


Alternative Procedures

Alternative procedures treat the bone cancer itself, and others treat the symptoms. Options include mind-body medicine, nutrition therapy, naturopathic medicine, physical therapy and spiritual support.


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