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Benefits for Working Part Time

The difference between full-time and part-time jobs are the hours that are required. Full-time jobs are 40 hours a week and up, while part-time jobs are around 20 hours a week.

While there is generally less money made from part-time jobs, there are many personal benefits that come from working fewer hours.

Working Part Time


More Time at Home

Part-time jobs can be particularly beneficial to men and women who have families. They are able to spend more time with their spouses and children and less time at work. More time at home can also cut down on the money spent on daycare and babysitters.

Having extra time isn’t only a benefit for parents, though. People who have passions that they’re not yet able to make steady incomes from have time to pursue what they love. Whether it is a start-up business, artistic talent or a desire to be a musician, having a part-time job provides regular money without sacrificing the time needed to go after those goals.


Smooth Transition

If someone has been out of the job market due to pregnancy, an accident or school, a part-time job can provide a smooth transition back into the workforce.

Going straight into 40-hour work weeks can be overwhelming for someone who has been out of the workforce for an extended period of time. Part-time jobs allow a person to have experience to document on their resume without putting in too many hours.



Just because a person doesn’t work full-time hours doesn’t mean he isn’t qualified to receive benefits. Many companies offer benefits to their part-time employees, including health insurance and paid vacation. The exact benefits vary from company to company. Barnes and Noble, Lowe’s and Starbucks are all examples of companies that offer benefits to their part-time employees.


Quality of Work

Some people choose to pursue part-time jobs in their area of interest, like a part-time job at a publishing company. This allows a person to focus on the quality of her work instead of the quantity. Full-time jobs can be exhausting and make it hard to focus on one particular task. A part-time job lets an employee go after her interest without exhausting herself in the process.


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