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Baby Rash Blister Cures

It is heartbreaking when your baby is in pain and uncomfortable. One cause for discomfort in an infant is severe diaper rash.

Most of the time, the rash can look a lot worse then it actually is; however, if your baby’s soft bottom is covered in blisters from a diaper rash, there are a few things you can try.


Baby Rash Blister Cures


Bulb Syringe

If your baby has diaper rash blisters, do not use wipes when changing his diaper. Use a bulb syringe and squeeze it in warm water to clean the area. Not only will this feel good on your baby’s bottom, but it will keep the blisters from becoming more irritated, thus helping them go away more quickly.

Also, try to keep his diaper off for as long as you can. Lay a towel out and let the baby lie on it. The baby will probably have an accident, but letting the bottom breath will also help the blisters go away.


Over-the-Counter Diaper Cream

Once you are ready to put the diaper back on, use diaper rash cream and cover the blisters. There are many diaper rash creams on the market, and some are made especially for severe diaper rash.

For example, Butt Paste, Hydrocortisone 1%, and Sooth and Heal are a few creams that will work well for the blistered area on your baby’s bottom. However, be sure to consult your baby’s doctor before applying any type of cream.


Prescripsiton Diaper Rash Creams

If your baby has blisters from a diaper rash, your pediatrician may want to write a prescription for a cream. Some diaper rashes can be caused from an infection and no over-the-counter creams will help. One prescription cream that the doctor may try is Mycolog II.

This cream has a mix of corticosteroids and anti-yeast medicines. Your baby should improve after using this for a few days. Other medicines include Bactroban cream or Mycostatin, depending on the type of infection.


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Baby Rash Blister Cures


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