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Baby Girl Names That Mean Princess

Nothing is more precious than a beautiful baby girl. Frilly dresses, ribbons, bows and tea parties await your dainty darling, and even if she grows to love toy trucks and climbing trees in the backyard, she will still be your little princess.

What better way to express that endearment than to give her a name that reflects the sentiment? Fortunately, there are many names that either mean “princess” or have been applied to princesses.


Baby Girl Names


Names That Literally Mean Princess

Almost every culture has a name that means princess, unless the culture doesn’t express royalty in this way, such as with Native Americans. The website Think Baby Names provides a list of names that literally mean princess or something very close to it such as Aaricia, Almera, Edelmira, Jahzara and Sarah, along with all their variations in spelling.

Translation books or software, such as the Free Online Translation Dictionary (see Resources section for link), can translate the word princess into another language such as Konju (cone-ju), which is the phonetically-spelled Korean word for that royal designation.


Names of Princesses

In addition to names that mean princess, there is also the option of naming a girl after a real princess. These are names that when spoken normally bring to mind the image of a princess.

The website Name Berry lists several names chosen by royal families including Alexandra, Amelia, Anastasia, Caroline, Diana, Isabella, Sophie and Zaria.


Fairy Tale Princess Names

Finally, many familiar princess names are applied to fairy tale princesses from Disney movies such as Ariel (“The Little Mermaid”), Aurora (“Sleeping Beauty”), Fiona (“Shrek”), Giselle (“Enchanted”) and Jasmine (“Aladdin”). There are also the princess names provided by fairy tale books such as Scheherazade (“Arabian Nights”), Odette (“The Swan Princess”) and Rapunzel (“Rapunzel”).


To Name or Not to Name?

When naming a baby girl, it is very important to remember that what sounds cute when a child is 3-years-old may not be cute when she is 16. Although Anastasia sounds exotic and pretty, many a young girl has been embarrassed by it later in life.

Be prepared for a name to be shortened or changed when it is deemed unsuitable by the bearer of the moniker.


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