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Are Hot Tubs Safe During Pregnancy?

One of the best ways to relax after a stressful day is to sit in a nice, warm hot tub. All the pressure leaves your muscles and ordinarily you feel invigorated subsequently. Most women will agree that the stress of being pregnant is immense, not to mention how hard it is hard on your muscles. But before you step in for a warm soak, keep these safety tips in mind.

Hot Tubs Safe During Pregnancy


First Trimester

It can be dangerous for the baby if a woman’s body temperature rises too high during the first trimester. When a woman’s temperature rises, the temperature of the fluid surrounding the baby does as well. This increase has been linked to birth defects.



Not all specialists concur on the real temperature- – however when in doubt, as long as the water in the hot tub is beneath 100 degrees, it won’t really bring on any harm. Just remember to listen to your body; if you feel you are getting too hot, then your body temperature could be too high.


Time Frame

Limit your time in hot tubs, Jacuzzis or saunas to just 10 minutes, to be on the safe side.


Second & Third Trimester

Admonitions against sitting in hot tubs are not as normal during the second and third trimester. The biggest concern is that a woman would overheat, pass out or dehydrate. Many women tend to be warmer during the later months of pregnancy, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of warming yourself even further in a hot tub.



Instead of taking an actual soak in the water, sit on the edge of the hot tub and just allow your lower legs and feet to hang in the tub. This will relax your calf muscles and feet without completely exposing your core to the warmer temperature.


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