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Akita Inu : 10 Most Common Questions

Shopping for a new dog can be a challenging quest. After all, the possibilities are exciting. If you want a larger breed, one that can protect the family while providing gentle love, the Akita Inu is one to add to your list of considerations. One of the best things you can do when buying a dog is learn all you can about the breed. In this section, we wanted to provide you with answers to some of the common questions heard specific to the Akita.


Akita Inu Questions


Does an Akita bark?

The Akita can bark, meaning it is physically capable but it seldom does. The reason is that this particular breed is a skilled hunter. Therefore, they keep low to the ground without making any kind of sound. Therefore, if you purchase an Akita and you hear it make a noise, you should pay attention in that something is going on.


Where is the Akita from and what does it stand for?

The Akita comes from an island in Japan where the winters are brutal, which is why the thick, double coat. In its native country, the Akita has a very powerful symbol of prosperity, good health, and good fortune.


How did the Akita get to the United States?

Interestingly, Helen Keller, who was famous for her incredible knowledge and wisdom while growing up deaf and blind, was in Japan. She fell in love with the Akita, bringing one back to the States with her in 1937. From that time forward, the breed became better know and today, is ranked as an excellent pet and hunter.


Is the Akita aggressive?

This breed is not aggressive but it is protective. Now, typically the Akita does not do well around other dogs, although if trained and socialized young, it can. The Akita will protect its family, making a great watchdog but it is not recommended the breed be used for a guard dog.


I’ve heard that the Akita is possessive – is that true?

Well, this breed does like to have some control over “his” things. In other words, if you have another animal in the house, you should make sure the Akita has his own water and food bowl, his own toys, his own bed, and so on. In most cases, the Akita does not like to share food so this is definitely a consideration. In addition, while the Akita is excellent with children, small children should be taught to leave an Akita alone while eating.

How good is the Akita with children?

Again, most Akita dogs will do very well with children. Now, having said that, most breeders do not recommend small children be left alone with this breed. The reason is not so much that the dog is aggressive. However, if pestered, or should some type of accident occur the Akita would likely respond in a negative way. Remember, this breed is large and very powerful. Sometimes, they could be playing and simply not realize the incredible strength.


Who should train an Akita?

If you want to get your puppy started off right, the owner should always be the trainer. In other words, your Akita should not be a breed handled by a professional trainer at some school. Instead, you could attend training with your dog but you should always be present. These dogs are highly intelligent and devoted to “their” family. For this reason, you would have much more success by being hands-on than allowing someone else to take charge.


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Akita Inu 10 Most Common Questions


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