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Airedale Terrier Training Guide

The Airedale Terrier is a fine breed – great family dog, wonderful protector, and very intelligent. However, the Airedale is also a breed within the “terrier” family, which means he is a bit on the strong-willed side. Because this breed is a larger breed, it is important that he be properly socialized and trained, as young as possible.

In addition, while the Airedale is great with children, it is usually recommended a strong master be in charge. For instance, if your Airedale were to see another animal prior to being trained, you might have your hands full in controlling him. We would certainly not hesitate in recommending an Airedale but you want to be prepared to set the tone of authority.


How to Train Airedale Terrier

The best way to train the Airedale or any dog for that matter is while still a puppy. At a young age, dogs are much more capable and willing to learn. It is important that you set the groundwork, building your dog’s sense of trust and confidence in you as the owner but also as the master. As mentioned, the Airedale is naturally more aggressive with other animals, especially dogs. You want your dog to understand that in any situation, aggressiveness is not allowed, which can be taught through consistency.

The interesting thing about Airedale Terrier Training is that while you need to let him know who the boss is, he will likely not respond well to harsh training techniques. This particular breed is a people pleaser so if you train with too firm a hand, you will only teach him fear, not trust. You also want to make training for the Airedale both fun and adventurous. Following the standard terrier ways of curiosity, the more you can change things up the more successful the training.

Then, Airedales are very smart. They do not tolerate silliness or foolishness well. In other words, your dog will possibly out-think you on occasion so you need to be structured in the training methods used, not giving him time for boredom or thought processing.

Airedale Terrier Training Guide

Instead, approach the training with positive motivation. If your Airedale believes he is doing something to please, he will go beyond what you request to make you happy. If you plan to take your Airedale Terrier to a professional trainer, we strongly recommend you stay involved but that you also choose someone knowledgeable of this breed. This way, each training session would be new, giving your dog the best option for success.

Although you might know of someone who trains German Shepherds and does a great job, the personality and traits of this breed compared to an Airedale Terrier are quite different. Therefore, the firmness of the training and the methods used would probably not work. The best way to describe training an Airedale Terrier is to stay ahead of him in the thinking department – be flexible and always expect the unexpected. One of the greatest challenges is trying to outsmart him. You might be able to in some instances but chances are you would lose most of the time.

The bottom line is that the Airedale needs more creativity and patience when it comes to training than most other breeds. The way in which you teach this breed, basic commands to potty training to rescue would all need to be approached in a unique manner – the more interesting you can make it, the happier the dog will be to learn.


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Airedale Terrier Training Guide


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