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Airedale Terrier : 10 Most Common Questions

The Airedale Terrier is a fascinating breed of dog. Intelligent, eager to please, comical, protective, and a great companion are all ways in which this breed could be described. For some reason, there are people who will never even consider the Airedale when shopping around for a new puppy, which is a real shame since the breed has much to offer. To help you understand this particular breed better, we have pulled the 10 most common asked questions together with answers pertaining to each.


Airedale Terrier Questions


1. What is the Airedale Terrier’s background?

This breed is actually a hunting and working dog although it also makes an exceptional family pet. The first Airedale club in the United States was founded in 1985, as a means of promoting the outstanding abilities of the breed. The bottom line is that the Airedale Terrier is a very talented dog, used primarily for flushing out birds and small animals for the master.


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2. Is the Airedale Terrier used for special serves?

Absolutely – the Airedale is a larger breed dog, one that is highly intelligent, devoted, and strong. For this reason, we also see this breed used for search and rescue. In fact, you will find a number of search and rescue organizations around the country specifically focusing on training for the Airedale, and with amazing results.


3. How big does the Airedale Terrier get?

Interestingly, most people think of all terriers are being small to medium-size dogs but in the case of the Airedale, the breed is larger. For example, a typical male at full maturity will measure 23 to 24 inches at the withers and weigh in around 55 to 65 pounds. The females are also on the larger side with a height of 21 to 22 inches and weight between 45 and 55 pounds.


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4. What is the best way to choose a breeder for the Airedale Terrier?

As with any dog, you want to do research on a number of breeders prior to making your final decision. Specifically for an Airedale, which can be strong-headed and determined, you want a breeder that specializes in this breed, one that understands the importance of early socialization, and a breeder that is open and willing to answer any question you may have with backup documentation if needed.


5. Would and Airedale Terrier be a good choice for a home with children?

Yes – typically, the Airedale is great with children of all ages. Just remember that all children, especially smaller ones need to be taught how to respect a dog. Although Airedale Terriers are very patient and gentle with children, most do not like having a child’s face in their face while eating or sleeping, or having the tail or ears pulled. Therefore, in addition to having the puppy socialized to be aware of the children, you also want to teach the children how to respect the puppy. Although an Airedale Terrier is trustworthy around any age children, many breeders recommend older children.


6. Does an Airedale make a better inside or outside dog?

You will find that your Airedale Terrier loves spending time outside. This breed has a curious nature, which means it loves to investigate. It is important that you provide your dog adequate outdoor time everyday, not just for doing his business but also for play and training. However, we strongly suggest you keep this breed indoors at night. Because of the hair and skin of the Airedale, you might find problems with itchy or infected skin occurring otherwise.


7. My son has horrible allergies – is the Airedale a good choice?

In most cases, people with allergies or asthma do very well with an Airedale. Because this breed is groomed on a regular basis, both skin and hair is clean. Additionally, since it is recommended the Airedale sleep indoors, many of the outside irritants are left outside. While you cannot be 100% sure your son would not react, chances are he would have a much better chance with an Airedale than many other breeds.


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8. I would like to buy a mature Airedale but I’m worried she may not adapt well – do you have any input?

The good news here is that Airedale Terriers as a whole are very flexible and adaptable. Therefore, with time and patience, helping her become aware of her new surroundings, she would likely do just fine. The only consideration would be an introduction into a home with children or other animals if she had not lived in one before. However, making the process of incorporation slow and supervised, the Airedale would probably settle into her new home without any problem.


9. What is the best way to potty-train my Airedale?

Most everyone has a preferred method for potty training a dog but we personally recommend crate training. In addition to teaching the dog restraint, the crate also becomes a safe haven. For this method, you would need to make sure you take the dog out early in the morning and when he does his business offer him praise. He would also need to be taken out as often during the day as possible, and then again at night just before bed. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement with an Airedale Terrier will go a long way.


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10. Do Airedale Terriers get along with other dogs?

They can but it usually requires some work. This breed naturally becomes aggressive toward other dogs. If your Airedale is worked with while young and socialized with other dogs, he will probably be okay. However, as he matures, you want to keep our eyes open for any signs of potential trouble.


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