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Adventure Travel Insurance Rates

Adventure travel or tourism is growing segment of the travel industry designed for travelers that seek excitement, physically challenging activities or the “road less traveled.” Adventure travel includes travel or exploration to remote, exotic or possibly dangerous destinations.

Vacations are meant to be times to unwind and relax, a time to set aside the worries of daily living and focus on creating happy memories. Your regular health and accident insurance may have exclusions for certain adventure experiences. Travel insurance, at affordable rates, is written to specifically cover the types of activities and dangers you will encounter on your trip.


Emergency Medical Insurance

If you do not have medical insurance that provides coverage outside of the United States, it is wise to consider purchasing emergency medical coverage. Medicare does not provide coverage outside the United States.

Many Medicare supplemental policies also restrict coverage to within the United States. Policies can be written for as little as 30 days or as long as 3 years. Deductible rates can vary from $250 to $2500, as of November 2010. If you are unable to obtain needed medical services at your travel destination, medical evacuation is covered under many policies.

Emergency medical insurance can be purchased through your local insurance agent or online from a variety of travel companies that offer adventure travel insurance. Rates vary from as low as $30 a month to several hundreds of dollars, depending on the options chosen. Read your policy carefully making note of exclusions and requirements. Some policies will not cover pre-existing conditions or will cover accidents only.


Adventure Travel Insurance Rates


Internet Insurance Providers

Travel insurance affords peace of mind for domestic and international travelers. Emergency medical services, trip disruption and lost baggage coverage are available through a wide array of insurance providers.Coverage can be purchased through travel agents or from Internet insurance providers.

The country of origin and the destination country affect the rates for travel insurance. Major Internet travel insurance providers offer interactive online tools to calculate insurance rates.

Optional hazardous activity riders should be added to your basic travel insurance policy if you are going to participate in active sports or wilderness adventures. Read the fine print. Some policies exclude surfing, scuba diving, mountain climbing or skiing.


Travel Agencies & Tour Companies

If you are going on a tour or group trip, basic travel insurance is often offered as part of the travel package. Contact your trip planner to determine the coverage available.

Ask if you can purchase additional options or lower deductibles. Coverage for extended travel is available starting at about $110 per month for individuals less than 55 years old, as of November 2010.


Liability Releases & Waivers

The majority of adventure tour operators will request you sign a form acknowledging that you are participating in a dangerous event and are will to waive all claims against the tour operator and the event facility in the event of an accident or injury.


Disability Insurance

When setting out on a hazardous or physically challenging journey, it is wise to consider purchasing long term disability insurance. Should you be involved in a serious accident with injury, you may not be able to return to work for an extended period of time.

Contact your family insurance provider for a quote on the type of coverage advised for your risk exposure and financial needs. Rates are based on increments of insurance coverage purchased, the age of the applicant and the length of the the term of coverage.


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