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Activities to Enhance Self Esteem

According to the Mayo Clinic, self esteem is shaped by a person’s thoughts, relationships and experiences, and having a high self esteem provides an individual with a healthy state of mind. A person’s self esteem is her overall opinion of herself, and those with a low self esteem often have a poor self-image and rarely feel adequate or good enough.

Low self esteem leads to negative thoughts and behavior and causes one to believe the criticism of others. Activities that can help improve a person’s self esteem and increase her confidence and assuredness are available.



Exercise can help increase a person’s self-esteem by improving his physicality, reducing stress and enhancing mental health. According to Fitness.gov, exercise can help lower symptoms of depression and anxiety by increasing serotonin levels, which is the hormone that controls your mood.

Those with low self-esteem may have a difficult time gaining the motivation to exercise, but even walking for 30 minutes a day can begin the process. Plus, it offers an activity to focus on. Other activities may include running, biking, playing basketball and resistance training.


Enhance Self Esteem


Drawing Self Portraits

Drawing a self portrait is an opportunity for people with low self esteem to depict how they view themselves and how other people think of them. Not only is this a creative outlet, but it also makes an individual more self aware and helps him begin building self esteem.

Drawing a new portrait every month is one way for individuals to see how they’re changing, evolving and building more confidence.



Keeping a journal offers individuals living with low self esteem a chance to capture and explore those moments when they are feeling low. This gives them an opportunity to focus on the root causes of these issues and observe why they are feeling a certain way.

At the end of each day they can highlight their negative feelings and recognize them as they emerge. Next to each negative thought they need to write a corresponding positive idea. Journaling also allows individuals to write about their achievements, explore their future possibilities and set goals.


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