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Acronyms for Personal Ads

Personal ads, either online or in print form, usually employ acronymns and informal terms that describe one’s lifestyle, appearance, or behavior in a succinct fashion.

If you’re a GBM wishing to meet a BiWF who’s into 420, you hope that whoever answers your ad will not have misinterpreted your profile. These acronyms are useful shorthand in text messages or on social networking sites where descriptions must be kept to a minimum.

Acronyms for Personal Ads


Personal Characteristics

The ad poster’s ethnicity is often included in the ad, such as A for Asian, B for black, H for Hispanic, I for Indian, and W for white, for example. Gender is described by M for male or F for female.

WE stands for well-endowed, and it could apply to men or women, for penis or breast size respectively. Other acronyms like AT means all that, implying that the person may think he’s a very fine catch indeed, or that she’s looking for someone who is.


Lifestyle Acronyms

CD is used to indicate a cross-dresser, and TS means transsexual. B/D indicates that the poster is interested in bondage and domination. Bi means bisexual and G means gay, though S means single and not straight. BB stands for bodybuilder, and AL stands for animal lover. Such acronyms are used to describe lifestyles or preferences in personal ads in as few words as possible.



Recreational drug users might use acronyms such as LD (light drinker), 420 (a marijuana smoker), or slang terms such as Tina (methamphetamine user) or skiing or snow (cocaine user). DDF stands for “drug and disease free.”


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