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About Pregnancy Without Insurance

Prenatal and postnatal care, along with delivery and the various medications and routine tests needed during pregnancy, can be extremely costly. The average cost of prenatal care and delivery in the United States is $7,600. Women facing pregnancy without insurance still have a number of resources available.


Pregnancy Without Insurance



Uninsured pregnant women are responsible for the full hospital bill, as opposed to women with private insurance who pay an average of 8 percent, according to HHS.


Private Aid

Women without insurance should talk to their health care provider and hospital to negotiate a lower rate for services and set up a long-term payment plan.


Public Aid

In numerous states, pregnant ladies are qualified for open help through Medicaid or comparative projects. The programs cover many costs associated with pregnancy, delivery and may extend to the child for pediatric care after birth.


Prenatal Care

Women who are uninsured during pregnancy are less likely to receive adequate prenatal care. Prenatal care is one of the most important factors for a healthy pregnancy.


Finding a Hospital

Many private hospitals will not accept uninsured patients or require upfront payment. Women should locate a hospital or birthing center early in their pregnancy.


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