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About Portable Cribs

Gathering everything you need for your baby can be an overwhelming task. In addition to nourishment, clothing and diapers, babies and young children require a safe place to sleep. Portable cribs offer parents a safe alternative to using a traditional crib or bassinet.


Portable Cribs


What Is a Portable Crib?

A portable crib is similar to a traditional crib, but it is constructed from lightweight materials and is easy to move. Parents can fold up their portable crib and slide it into a carrying case in a few simple steps. The crib can also double as a playpen in your house or outdoors.


Why Use a Portable Crib?

Using a portable crib can give your child a familiar place to sleep while vacationing or visiting friends. You can check a portable crib as luggage when flying or put it in your trunk for a road trip. Transportable cribs also come in handy when dropping your child off at a babysitter’s house or when you need a safe place for your young child to play and nap while you work around the house. The compact cribs are excellent space savers in small apartments or nurseries.


Safe Use

Like all baby equipment, it is important to properly set up the portable crib each time you use it. Lock the top rail latches in place, use only the 1-inch mattress that comes with the crib and cover the mattress with a flame-retardant fitted sheet. Make sure your portable crib model meets all current safety requirements and that your child is within the weight limits. Thick blankets, pillows and stuffed toys are suffocation hazards for your child and should not be placed in the portable crib with her.


Other Considerations

Regularly examine the portable crib for loose threads or fabric tears, since small children can snag their fingers, toes and heads in hidden holes. A damaged crib can cause mild to severe injuries and death. Parents should also maintain the crib’s hardware to prevent the sides from collapsing or the legs from buckling. A current list of recalled portable cribs is available on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website.


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