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About Maternity Pregnancy Pillows

Maternity pillows can be your best friend when you’re going through pregnancy, since sleeping when you’re pregnant can become an adventure in discomfort. Back sleeping is uncomfortable; side sleeping makes your hips and knees ache.

And just forget about sleeping on your belly. The facts below can help you decide if a pregnancy pillow is right for you.

Maternity Pregnancy Pillows



Pregnancy pillows are designed to offer both back support and front support for sleeping on your side comfortably. In addition, most pregnancy pillows also offer proper neck and head support for side sleeping.

They are also long enough to tuck between your knees to keep them comfortably separated and positioned.



Pregnancy pillows come in many different sizes. The smallest are just big enough to tuck beneath your belly. The largest are designed to fit your body head to toe both behind and in front of you.



Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow can ease back pain, relieve hip pain and make it easier to sleep comfortably during your pregnancy. You’re less likely to be awakened during the night to shift positions or because your back, hips or legs are cramping.

A better night’s sleep contributes to your overall health during pregnancy and beyond.



When choosing a pregnancy pillow, be sure to consider the size of your bed. Some maternity pillows are too large to be used in anything smaller than a King size bed unless you’re sleeping alone.



The quality of the maternity pillow you choose will affect how well it wears. Many pregnancy pillows can be used after your pregnancy to make nursing more comfortable, and some are even designed to convert to baby play spaces and tummy pillows.


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