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Abbreviations Used for Personal Ads

Personal ads are quite popular and can be found in local newspapers and newsletters, as well as on internet dating sites. Personal ads are one way to meet similar people without having to leave the comfort of your own home, or even share much about yourself. Abbreviations are often used to convey information in personal ads, both on the internet and in print.

Abbreviations Used



Picking out abbreviations in personal ads is not difficult, if you look at just a handful. You’ll find abbreviations such as SWF, which means single white female, or FWB, meaning friends with benefits. These abbreviations are sometimes quite straightforward, but can be cryptic, if you are new to personal ads and the abbreviations that seem to come with them. There are hundreds of different abbreviations.



The function of abbreviations is to fit as much information as possible into a personal ad. By using abbreviations, you can let others know as much about yourself as you want, without exceeding the character limitations provided by the personal ad host. Because space is limited, it makes sense to maximize the use of the space by abbreviating the most common information, such as location, gender and who or what you are looking for through the advertisement.

Many personal ads first contain a list of abbreviations, as this gives the reader some basic information about who is writing the ad and what they want. Anything written out will be information for which there is no abbreviation.



There are hundreds, if not more, abbreviations that can be used in personal ads. It’s important to know what these abbreviations mean before you use them. If you are not 100 percent sure what an abbreviation means, you shouldn’t use it, or you should do some research before you do.

Once the personal ad is printed, it usually cannot be retracted. Your personal advertisement is a representation of who you are and what you want, so be sure your abbreviations accurately represent you. Check with your personal ad host, as most include a guide to approved abbreviations, to help you ensure accuracy when using abbreviations to communicate with others.



When placing an advertisement, you needn’t feel pressured to use abbreviations. If space is limited, you may need to use abbreviations to introduce yourself and state what you are looking for. When choosing abbreviations, choose ones that are clear and concise. Double-check their meaning before you submit the ad.



When reading personal ads, you will probably come across abbreviations that are unfamiliar. When this happens, you should reference the list of abbreviations provided by the ad host, or even find a generic list online that will help you decode what is being said. If you still can’t figure it out, don’t be too shy to ask. You may learn something that will be useful to you later.


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