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A List of Needed Baby Items

The amazing thing about babies is how such small creatures could possibly need the large pile of things that have been deemed essential.

Some things are necessary, while some things are merely convenient. A baby’s basic needs are fairly simple but each of those needs can be met in different ways.

A List of Needed Baby Items



A baby needs to be in a secure place when sleeping. Initially, a bassinet or a playpen with a bassinet insert may be cozier and more appropriate than a full size crib. In a pinch, drawers and boxes can be used for very young babies but most babies will require a crib or portable play pen for secure sleeping at some point.



All babies need a supply of bottles and nipples as even breastfed babies occasionally need to be fed expressed milk or formula. Stand-alone high chairs or boosters that hook to regular chairs are useful after solid foods are introduced. Baby sized spoons, bibs and dedicated washcloths make mealtimes easier as well.



Plan on having a tube of diaper rash cream on hand at all times as well as a large stash of wipes (useful in many baby situations). A supply of cloth or disposable diapers is necessary as well. Diaper disposal bins can be convenient and can minimize the smell of dirty diapers as they wait to be taken to the garbage or washed.



One essential safety item is a car seat. Since babies cannot leave the hospital without one, this will need to be purchased prior to the birth (or very shortly thereafter). Baby-proofing the house can wait until the baby is more mobile; basic baby-proofing items will include plug covers, cabinet locks and a safety gate for any stairs.



It is very tempting to purchase a great deal of things prior to the birth of the baby. Parenting style and baby temperament, though, can influence what items are truly necessary. Purchasing as you go will be easier on the pocketbook and will ensure that the baby’s room isn’t cluttered with “essential” items that never get used.


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