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A List of HR Software

Human resources managers have a variety of duties. They may be in charge of interviewing, hiring and training new employees, and keeping track of workers’ salaries, hours, insurance and benefits. In the past, this required a great deal of paperwork, but much of the documentation needed for human resources can be aided by special computer software programs.

There are many HR programs to choose from, several of which will let you download a free demo version before you buy.


A List of HR Software


HR Data Manager

HR Data Manager is a human resources program written in Microsoft Access. The software is customizable and has functions for tracking applicants, job information and employee records. Managers have access to applicant contact information, references, skills and a job-specific interview worksheet, as well as employee demographics, training information, certifications, attendance, leave accrual and performance evaluations.

HR Data Manager can track invoices, track projects and organize job description data. The software comes in several different editions. The Basic Edition comes with applicant tracking, employee data and benefits management, performance tracking and job descriptions, with an unlimited amount of employee records.

Professional Edition includes all these features, but adds training data management and the ability to import and export from and to Excel. Enterprise Edition also has project management and time tracking, and includes all source code.

Enterprise Plus has all available features, 10 workstation licenses and two years of software support and updates. As of 2018, you can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial from the HR Data Manager website.


Empower HRMS

Empower HRMS is software for small to midsize companies. The program handles three major areas: staff information, settings and employee self-service. The staff information system can store and search employee names, ID numbers, departments, job designations and supervisors.

Administrators can create lists, pay grades, shift records and attendance reports, as well as make news reports and calendars. Self-service allows all staff to access some information. But only admin users have control over the software and can modify any section at any time. You can download Empower 2.0 with a free registration at the Empower website.


Visual Staff Scheduler

Visual Staff Scheduler is a Windows program specifically designed for the complexities of staff scheduling. It includes functions which allow you to easily see the number of hours an employee is scheduled, enter staffing requirements, copy schedule patterns and shift rotations and pre-set shifts and days off.

The VSS Pro edition lets you create schedules or reports by time frame, department, location, time off, shift types or employee group. You can also assign attributes such as skills, certification or training and apply shift patterns onto future schedules.

The VSS Premier edition allows HR managers to save popular staff schedules and perform “enterprise reporting” by creating documents for weekly and shift schedules, on-call schedules, time off and estimated cost for the entire company, by department or by individual employee. Both versions allow you to store and track employee photos, profiles and seniority.


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