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A Fantastic Hanukkah Table

In the U.S., Hanukkah is a bigger, more important holiday than it once was.

If you’re one of the many people thinking about how you can make the traditional day prettier, more meaningful, and better in every way, one thing you’ll want to consider is how to decorate the table.

Here are a few ideas.


Color Palate

Traditionally, blue, silver, and white are used on Hanukkah. Fortunately these colors come together beautifully, making a setting that’s both refined and calming.

For a dramatic look, use a royal blue tablecloth, along with royal blue napkins and glasses. Accent with touches of silver and gold (silver utensils, gold and silver trimmed plates, silver napkin holders, gold gelt), then use small touches of white in trimmed serving dishes and candles.

Hanukkah color

If you prefer a more subtle look, use white predominantly and blue only for small accents. For example, the tablecloth would be white, but the white plates and napkins could be trimmed with blue.

For a modern look, choose a pewter-colored tablecloth and accessories, with small amounts of white and blue here and there.

You could even alter the table slightly each day of Hanukkah – perhaps changing the placemats to various shades of blue, or making the table increasingly formal as the days pass by. For fun, try a new way to fold napkins each night; the kids will enjoy helping you.


Traditional Elements

Other traditional must haves include the menorah, which should be the centerpiece on the table. If there’s not enough room on the table, place the menorah nearby where everyone can see it.

For example,it could go on a side table, a buffet table, or a fireplace mantle.

Hanukkah Traditional Elements

Have a few dreidels on hand as a visual reminder of times when learning the Torah had to be done in secret. From functional salt and pepper shakers to decorative glass hanging ornaments, there is a dreidel for every taste.

Gelt (chocolate coins covered in gold foil) also make good decorations and party favors.



Floral arrangements are a nice touch for the Hanukkah table. Just be sure to keep them low, so guests can easily see each other. For the most formal look, stick to white blooms in a silver vase. For a more casual appearance, use blue and white flowers in a plain white vase.

Hanukkah Flowers

Good blue and white flower choices for this time of year include amaryllis, camellias, lilies, cosmos, forget-me-nots, jasmine, narcissus, poinsettia, tulips, and waxflower.


Hanukkah Tree

For a unique touch, try placing a gold-painted tree branch in a vase. Tie gold or silver dreidels and gold gelt to the twigs of the branch with blue ribbon.

If desired, guests can remove a driedel and gelt to take home as a small gift.

Hanukkah Tree


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A Fantastic Hanukkah Table


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