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5 Tips For Safe Travel Happy Travel

You don’t have to think the world is unsafe, it’s quite the opposite. However even your home town probably has bad areas but you are less likely to get in trouble if you follow these common sense travel tips. Taking these very simple precautions will help you to stay out of trouble and enjoy every day of your trip. Enjoy it and travel safe!

Safe Travel Happy Travel


1. Be Informed

Always research basic information about your destination before the trip and make a list of important emergency information.

While working on it you can also go over safety information, rules, and procedures, such as what to do if you get lost or sick. It is always a good idea to leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend.

Be Informed


2. Travel Light

Try to travel light and pack all your essentials in a carry-on bag. When you are about to leave somewhere, always look around: it’s very easy to get distracted by new surroundings and forget that your hat (or even worse, your passport) is still on the restaurant table. And of course, never ever leave your belongings unattended in public places, it goes without saying.

Travel Light


3. Don’t Give to Beggars

It is a sure way to part with your wallet or purse. If you feel bad for them and want to help, just donate to a local charity organization. Another great idea is to never keep your wallet in the back pocket. It’s always better to use the inside pocket of your jacket or a money belt.

Don'T Give to Beggars


4. Give It Up

If things got really bad and you are being robbed, a simple rule that most people find hard to follow is to give it up. Give them your wallet or watch and walk away unharmed. It’s not such a big deal if your possessions are insured and all the irreplaceable stuff is left at home.

Give It Up


5. Don’t Put All Eggs In the Same Basket

Don’t do it with money. Separate your cash and credit cards and keep at least one card in a different place. Losing them all and traveling without any money is definitely not fun.

Since we are talking about losing stuff, make sure you scan all the important documents (such as passport, visas, travel insurance etc.) and email them to yourself before going on your trip. This way copies are always available even if your bags are lost or stolen.

Don't Put All Eggs In the Same Basket


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