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5 Things For Non Gamblers to Do In Vegas

Millions of tourists visit Vegas every year to enjoy gambling in the beautiful mega-casinos, but few venture past “The Strip” and Fremont strip – and they should!

Las Vegas has a lot of interesting things to do that have nothing to do with gambling. Vegas is known for gambling, but there’s so much more. So get out of the hotel and see what’s out there!


Non Gamblers to Do In Vegas


1. Natural Beauty

Millions of years ago, Las Vegas was on the bottom of a seabed. Now all those layers of sediment are fully exposed and beautiful. To see some amazing scenery, go to the Valley of Fire. If you can, go camping while there. You can pitch your tent between some enormous boulders! Truly awesome.

Natural Beauty


2. Museums

I know. You don’t think of museums when you think of Vegas, but there are many interesting choices. There’s the Mob Museum, the Atomic Testing Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame and even a Natural History museum.



3. Interesting Dining

Capos is a steakhouse that takes its customers back in time to the real “mob” era. You even have to go to the “secret” back door to be let in the “joint!” The food is great and they really have the atmosphere right – there’s even a piano lounge lizard!

Interesting Dining


4. Helicopter Rides

There are all kinds of scenic helicopter tours in Vegas. You could just fly over the strip or you could fly down to the Grand Canyon for the day. What a thrill!

Helicopter Rides


5. More Natural Beauty

Red Rock Canyon is right down the road from Vegas. It is amazingly beautiful; it’s like God painted a big stripe across the mountains here. You can’t believe how big they are until you see an ant on one and realize that it’s actually a person! Visit the visitor’s center before driving around the loop – it’s worth the stop.

More Natural Beauty


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