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5 Suggestions : Train Track Safety

Train Track Safety


1. Track Problems

Travel slowly over train tracks to avoid damage to your car. Uneven tracks or damaged surface around the track can cause problems for your suspension and tires.


2. Signal Problems

Look at the signal carefully and look up and down the track to make sure trains aren’t coming. Signals don’t always work and some have delays that make it a close call to get through the track before the barricade arm comes down to block your way.


3. Beating the Arm

Never try to beat the gate or arm that blocks your way over the track. The signals have timing that allows you a safe time over the track before the train comes, but very little time between your crossing and the train if you chose to try to beat the arm.


4. Flying Debris

Trains sometimes move at rapid speed over the signal areas and moving too close to the safety arm puts you at risk for flying objects such as gravel or rocks thrown up by the train when passing over the grate.


5. Watch Others at the Signal

You may be on your game to get through the signal, but people in front of you or behind you may not be paying attention. They could stop without warning or ram you when you stop for the crossing arm.


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