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5 Best Things to Do In Tokyo

Do In Tokyo


1. Tokyo Disneyland

You can visit Tokyo Disneyland. Visit Tokyo’s tallest tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, which stands at 634 metres high, with an observatory at 450 metres high.


2. Karaoke

You can sing karaoke in a hot tub at the Aqua Suite room, in the Roppongi’s Lovenet complex. Have noodles at a Ramen shop such as Hototogisu, where you can enjoy soup with hamaguri clams.


3. Jimbocho Book Town

You can visit Jimbocho Book town, home to over 180 used book stores. Enjoy a burger at the Fire House – dare to try the Mad burger, which has three patties, chili and cheese and topped with a fried egg!


4. Kitte Complex

Shop in the Kitte Complex located at the Japan Post Tower. Buy toys at Kiddy Land, a 5-floor shop with flashy toys and tons of Hello Kitty merchandise! Fight like a Samurai and participate in a workshop at Shido Juku, where they have swordfighting experts!


5. Swimming Bus

Hop on a swimming bus, this amphibious bus rides along the streets near Tokyo Skytree before it goes for a swim in a nearby river. Puff on a hookah pipe at an unusual watering hole in Asakusa, located in Eastern Tokyo. Bonji Bar treats visitors to hookah pipes and funky mixed drinks, including ginseng brandy and cannabis vodka.


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