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5 Best Cities to Live In

5 so safe city to live. Perhaps there are readers who wish to travel or even move to one of these cities .


Best Cities to Live In


1. Singapore

Singapore is the cleanest city in the world. City built by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles is a city that is very strategically located in the traffic lane interstate commerce and intercontinental.

Although most of the population are immigrants, but the Singapore government is very strict discipline so that the cleanliness of the city very awake. You will not find cigarette butts, beverage cans, residual gum, or garbage strewn in the city of Singapore, as we see in many cities in Indonesia. This makes Singapore one of the favorite places for tourists, and into the extraordinary business transactions.


2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich located in Switzerland is designated as the city’s most liveable version of the Mercer consultant. This assessment is determined by several factors, namely the problem of traffic, air quality, and reports from expatriates scattered in 600 cities around the world.

Town with a population of 402.762 people that have a life expectancy reached 80 years. It is an excellent place to visit, and the city is also considered the safest.


3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the best tourist city in the world by Travel Leisure site version in 2018. Bangkok is considered to have many great tourist attractions , beautiful scenery , and good hotels .

It is estimated that about 18 million foreign tourists come to Bangkok every year. The city is relying on some historic places. And , the most visited site in Thailand is the Grand Palace , Wat Pho , and Wat Arun. The city is also a city with skyscrapers growing fastest in Asia.


4. Paris, France

Paris is a city of fashion and art centers of the world. There, there are various kinds of works of art from around the world , including the results of all the famous artwork Era Reinassance Europe. Lovre Museum is an art museum the largest and most comprehensive in Europe , which are in the city. In addition , Paris also holds many magnificent works of architecture and interesting.

In the city there is the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral Notradame and Arc de Triumph which is visited by many foreign tourists. Not only as an art city, Paris is also known for quality educational institutions and the gardens beautiful city. About 30 million tourists from all over the world visit the city became one of the world paradise every year.


5. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the heaven of angels. Yes , this is the city which is considered to have beautiful women in the world, both physical beauty, attitude, behavior, hospitality, and manners. Stockholm is also highly educated women. All women can speak good English so there are no barriers in communication for tourists and immigrants. Stockholm woman can make you feel happy with everything the way .


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