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10 Steps to Help Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy has the potential to result in severe physical and mental defects that can follow the baby throughout its entire life. While some birth defects and complications are unavoidable, those caused by the consumption of alcohol are entirely unnecessary. The following are tips for pregnant women who wish to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.

Pregnant Women Quit Alcohol


Recognize Vulnerability

Know about circumstances in which you will be helpless to the enticements of liquor. Functions where alcohol is served are not appropriate places for a pregnant woman who is trying to quit drinking alcohol. Have pardons prepared so as to maintain a strategic distance from parties centered around drinking.


Reason for Quitting

The job of mother starts when the kid is conceived. All the love and caring that will take place after the baby is born must be practiced the moment of learning about the pregnancy. A responsible and caring mother will not put her fetus in danger in order to satisfy her desire for alcohol. Once you realize the repercussions of consuming alcohol during this precious time, remind yourself of them constantly. Read about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other dangerous consequences to ingesting alcohol while pregnant.


Positive People

People who drink heavily have the ability to bring you down. It is beneficial to you and your baby to remove the opportunity for anyone else to tempt you with alcohol. On the off chance that you have a gathering of drinking mates, pregnancy is an opportunity to discover different approaches to bond. If the only connection you have with these individuals is your mutual desire to drink, cut them off completely.


Dispose of Alcohol

Holding onto any alcohol in anticipation of the end of the pregnancy invites temptation. Even if this practice is extremely wasteful, it is imperative to dump out all alcohol currently in your possession and not purchase or accept any bottles of alcohol.


Seek Help

If you do not feel confident that you can quit drinking on your own, it is imperative that you seek help. There are many support groups for people experiencing a problem with drinking. Look for a group that caters especially to women as that will be a more comforting environment for a female carrying a baby.


Keep Busy

The nine months leading up to the birth of the baby will be filled with tasks that need to be accomplished. Focus on all that needs to be done in order to keep your mind off drinking. Shop for the baby, set up the nursery and take parenting classes.



Consult with your physician about safe ways to exercise while pregnant. If you stay in the best physical shape possible during the pregnancy, it will help your body resist cravings.


Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is directly beneficial to the baby but will also keep you feeling good and subsequently stem your desire to drink. Discuss healthy eating habits with your physician and follow rigidly in order to keep your mind and body feeling great.


Drink Water

As with the healthy diet, drinking plenty of water everyday will keep you feeling good and hinder the desire to consume alcoholic beverages. Do not allow yourself to get thirsty and you will avoid the cravings.


Reward Yourself

Refraining from drinking alcohol for a period of nine months will most likely be a difficult task. Even though the reason for quitting is excellent, that does not make the process less difficult. Find small ways to reward yourself after certain milestones. At the point when you have abstained from drinking for multi week, get yourself an adorable bit of gems or treat yourself to a decent lunch. Recognize that it is quite an accomplishment to quit cold turkey and you must be kind to yourself in order to make it through the difficult times.


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